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The most innovative VR system intended to be played in groups

We are proud to present our VirtualMaxx laser tag system. VirtualMaxx is our volume-based VR platform for groups (4-8-16+ players) and is intended to be played with 12 minute games at a price of 10-15 euro per game, just like laser tag. What’s more: using advanced electronics, built-in voice chat and a beautiful game world, the VirtualMaxx offers a unique and fun VR experience.

VR laser tag

An Immersive experience

VirtualMaxx is a turn-key platform and a full solution for your VR needs and is supplied with all necessary hardware, software and peripherals. The space requirement is just 16m2 per player. As manufacturer of both LaserMaxx Lasergames and VirtualMaxx, we have an extensive knowledge in supporting entertainment facilities and we have a full R&D team working on day-to-day basis on new updates, new features and new options.

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€ 16,975.00



The above price is the initial hardware investment. Further payable is € 0,95 per player per game.